Do you want to teach vocabulary like a specialist??
INTRODUCING: The Online Vocabulary Course
Have you been teaching vocabulary by...
- writing words on the board and explaining the meaning?

- giving your students lists of words to look up in the dictionary?

- brainstorming some synonyms?
Tell my honestly..
Are you excited about it? 

Are your students??

Save yourself from mental burnout with LOADS of fresh, fun and in-depth ways to teach vocabulary.

Have FUN exploring word meanings, relationships, uses and relatives in ways your students will LOVE.

Easily explore words in more depth without spending hours making individual resources using my Word Web prompt. This puppy provides you with deep thinking questions you can use for any word in any subject!

Suitable for teaching any year level, ability level or subject area - this course is a must for ALL teachers.
The Course Includes
10+ Printable Lesson Resources

Ready to use with unlimited access.

Fun activities to keep your students engaged.

Print and use. It's as easy as that.  

No more hunting for (or worse still creating your own!) worksheets and resources. Who has time for that??

Save time and head space - This course provides all the written materials you need to understand the theory as well as all the written lesson materials you need to teach.

Get the best value for money with resources you can use time and time again.

10+ Video Tutorials

Sit in on this specialist teaching lesson so you can learn to teach just like a dyslexia specialist.

Understand how and why to implement each section with clear explanations throughout the lesson.
Don't waste hours trying to piece together all that professional development you've done! 

We've done it for you.

Save hours of planning time. Be clear on what you need to do and why with this step-by-step lesson activity you can use over and over again.

Review quickly and easily when you need to refresh your learning using the short videos. Everything you need to know is summarised in our short, easy to consume videos.

Enjoy lifetime access so you can come back to revisit when ever you like - no stressful time limits (because teachers already have too many of those!!)

Learn when its convenient for you don't you hate it when you find a PD you'd LOVE to do, but you can't wangle the time off work to go do it?? This course allows you to fit this training into your admins, holidays, or whenever you have time. 

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